Introducing the Theme

Welcome, fellow readers, writers, web-surfers, story-tellers and people who get bored on Friday afternoons.  This is my blog where I pretend to have a real writing job, something with deadlines and stuff like that.  By setting myself the (hopefully) achievable goal of publishing 500 words a week, I aim to instil some discipline into my writing.  I don’t promise to be witty, insightful or even very topical in my postings.  Lots of people already do this, Lady Bracknell, Giraffalicious and Mitch Benn to name but a few.  The only thing this blog promises is to be updated every Friday, and to get better as it goes on.


The postings will be about writing, mainly.  I am learning my craft as I go along, and I invite you to read over my shoulder.  You can even cover my efforts in red ink corrections, if you like.  I will pass on anything particularly interesting that I learn about writing or getting published, as well as documenting my ongoing search for the answer to the question: what makes a great story-teller?


I want to hear from you!  If you agree with me, if you disagree with me, if you spot a glaring error of spelling, punctuation or grammar, or if you just want to say hello.  I especially want to hear your suggestions for topics for future postings.  I know just enough about the world of writing to be truly appalled by my own ignorance.  I have a few posts prepared to start off with, but I hope to base future posts on your comments and suggestions.  I will also be highlighting one blog or website every week.  If you want me to highlight yours, drop me a comment.  I’ll take a look, and if I like it, I’ll link it!


Writing a story is very like writing a piece of music.  You set the tone from the start, and quickly introduce the main theme.  This theme is then used as the backbone of the whole piece, supporting other themes, providing a link through changes of key, mood and pace, and bringing the whole thing back together for the grand finale.  That’s not to say that these rules can’t be broken; but like all rules in art they can only be broken successfully by an artist who truly understands them.  As humans, we like patterns.  Even the most outrageous, rebellious artists need patterns, otherwise what are they rebelling against?  We are creatures of habit, living in a universe of patterns.  Much, if not all, art is about spotting those patterns and reflecting them back on ourselves.


Now you see why this blog has a limit of 500 words – once I get hold of a subject, I can waffle on about it indefinitely.  One of the skills I am currently working on is conciseness.  I think I still have a lot to learn! Well, that’s what this blog is for, that and your feedback.  So, over to you.  I’ll see you next week.


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